Scuba Gear

Scuba diving is an amazing activity to participate in.  It requires investment as you need to be properly trained and you need to have the required equipment.  When you invest in the most expensive equipment you can afford, you know it will last and will enable you to dive for many years.  To make sure it lasts, of course, you need to service it regularly.

Gear Servicing


Your scuba regulators need to be serviced once a year or every 100 dives... 
We are able to service all brands of scuba regulators old and new. Our team has decades of experience in gear servicing and we have full time techies whose sole job is to look after your gear. We have the option to service in house or to send your gear away to the manufacturers for direct factory servicing. 
Your dive equipment is what keeps you safe and mobile under the water and although modern dive equipment is ultra-reliable, to get most of your gear we recommend at least an annual service. Don’t forget that a long period of in-activity is worse for your gear then regular diving! We can arrange to have all your scuba gear serviced locally by a dedicated technician who can bring your gear back into top working condition. After a thorough check they will give you a personalised quote so that you know exactly what your service will cost. All equipment is fully tested before you get it back and know for sure it won’t let you down. Make sure your gear is 100% safe so all you have to worry about is an awesome dive. Our gear services include:
  • Gear Sales
  • Gear Service
  • Gear Hire
  • Air Fills
  • Hydro and Visuals